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Feedback from IIT Madras student on inSAKE Academy Training 
About Me:
My name is Chirag Arora, currently pursuing my MBA (2020-2022) from IIT Madras.
Feedback on inSAKE Academy:                                                                                                                                             
When I joined in inSAKE Academy, I had confusion that have I taken the right step but after completion of one month in the course, I had lot of difference in myself like attitude, development and the way of treating every one the way the course was explained was very good and easy to understand . Thanks to inSAKE Academy.
Recommendation to other students:
inSAKE is the best place to learn and discussion forums and online sessions during practice is an awesome methodology to improve students confidence as it helps one get a detailed insight in finance not only that It also helps one to learn communication skills and soft skills too. Thanks to inSAKE Academy.
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